AFW is an Etenon Fitness S.L. brand, a company dedicated to advise and equip sports facilities. AFW has been consolidating since its inception as one of the most representative and current sports equipment brands at the national level, expanding its boundaries and introducing with force on the international market, in countries such as France, Portugal, Turkey or Finland.


Formed by aqualifiedand committed human team to the creation of quality material, AFW provides solutions designed by fitness industry professional, adapting them to the new disciplines and sports activities such as crosstraining, functional training and collective classes.

Through our experience we have established as manufacturers and distributors of sports equipment for gyms, box, personal training centers, consistent with the requirements and demands of the market. Our direct relationship with our customers allows us to know their real needs and help them design and plan their training spaces.

In our catalog you can find high-performance products grouped by categories: crosstraining, functional training, free weight, studio… to easily locate any sports equipment within the wide range that we offer. Our competitive prices are the result of the optimization of the manufacturing process that, without diminishing the quality of the product, allows the affordability of the same.

As a novelty, in 2017 we incorporate AFW ROOT a line of products developed under the original essence and roots of the weight liftingsport, but modernized and adapted to the contemporary times. It is designed for top level competition and has been endorsed and designed by experts.

We direct our efforts toward other areas that we consider essential in the fitnessworld, such as training. We incorporated a new department in the company through which we offer all kinds of courses to professionals interested in recycled and stay up-to-date on the latest trends of the sport.