Bars and Plates


AllFreeWeight has a wide range of professional bars and plates designed for different disciplines and type of training. They are one of the essential products in the training of strength.


We have at your disposal men’s and women’s bars, initiation bars, Olympic competition bars, weightlifting and powerlifting bars and crosstraining bars. You’ll find the one that best suits the training you’re going to do.

The competition bars are hard Chrome with 8 needle bearings and very resistant, supporting up to 600Kg of load. They are used by international and national professional athletes for their demanding workouts.

We have the bar you need for your strength training! Contact us and we will advise you.


In AllFreeWeight we advise you to use the right plates for each type of bar and for the type of activity to be performed. You cannot use the same plates for powerlifting as for crosstraining and will be different from those that have to be used in plate load machines or in a gym bodybuilding room.

It is for this reason that on our website you can find all kinds of plates: fractional plates, plates with grip, plates for powerlifting, bumper plates, Olympic plates. Find the plates you’re looking for.