At AllFreeWeight we have everything you need to equip your sports center with professional equipment, be it a CrossTraining BOX, a personal training center, a boutique center or a municipal gym.

Train strength with kettlebells, training balls or bags, as well as dumbbells, grip plates and weight benches.

Weight lifting for the practice of powerlifting, strongman, weightlifting and CrossTraining, with bars and discs. Equip your Functional Training sessions with balls, boxes, speed ropes, take-off ropes or drag sleds.

We have complete training suspension kits and a variety of rings, as well as climbing ropes.

Work Mobility or Mobility sessions with our elastic bands and different resistances.

Complete your directed classes with sets of body pump, mats, vinyl dumbbells, gymball, steps or trampoline.

And for your boxing sessions, we have just launched a new combat line, with power box, bags, gloves, gauntlets, hitting ball and an innovative spinning trainer.

We have storage racks for all types of materials.