Fixative /Adhesivo Miplafix 800

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  • Technical characteristics
  • Dimensions and weight
  • Acrylic glue for the installation of all kinds of light coatings.
  • Specially designed for LVT and rubbers. For all types of premises, for domestic or private use, even for intense traffic. It can be used for applications on ground and wall.
    • High resistance.
    • Total coverage.
    • Suitable for in-floor heating.
    • No solvents or phthalates.
  • Recommended for use with Acrylic adhesives for bonding of light coatings.such as:
    • LVT in planks and floor tiles.
    • Homogeneous PVC.
    • PVC heterogeneous compact or acoustic .
    • Existing compact PVC  PVC sabre (rehabilitation).
    • PVC showers in walls and floors.
    • Rubbers in tiles and rolls up to 3.5 mm. Thick.
    • Acoustic rubbers.
    • Polyolefins.
    • Semiflexible tiles.
    • All kinds of carpeting.
    • Natural fibres with a latex (Coco sisal…).
    • Wall protection plates.
  • Weight: Ivory-matte 18 kg.